e3 fitness grip

Orthotics for the hands-Improve upperbody movement in sports performance

The e3 fitness grip works on the basic principle of stabilizing the shoulders, back and hips. The shoulder and hip girdles are able to maintain stability through the proper positioning of the joints and the use of muscles and other soft tissues that surround these joints. If the joint is properly positioned and there is balanced muscle use, the joint creates a stable platform from which the involved extremity can perform work or execute an action, within an optimum range of motion and with increased muscular efficiency.

The Single Pack includes one (1) pair of e3 grips, an instruction booklet, and one VHS instructional video.

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e3 Cable Resistance Grips

Attach the e3 Cable Resistance Grips (CRGs) to a cable resistance system. The e3 Cable Resistance Grips help stabilize the shoulder during use which allows for greater isolation of the biceps, deltoids, triceps, pecs, and abs. This will allow you to get more out of your workout in less time.

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The straps on the grips are made from the same material used in rock climbing harnesses which provide durability. When used in combination with a carabinger or similar attachment on a cable system they allow the user to go through a full range of supination and pronation while allowing flexion and extension at the shoulder, which is key to the Mind and the Machine spiral diagonal methodology.

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